Life has a way expanding us and we have choices along the way. We can remain

stuck or choose to move forward with confidence. Why if I can't move? I decided to write the book "Is That All There Is...The Journey Within".  Why? I felt Spirit move me to share how anyone can live a supremely natural divinely inspired life.....how?

Would you like to develop your intuition? Are you trying to figure out your purpose? Are you hoping for a stronger Spiritual connection?

Begin anywhere in this book, flip thru it land on a page start there, or start at the beginning. Go at your own pace, just be willing.


This  teaching is filled with tools to help you process your emotions and move forward with confidence. Questions are designed for you on your thoughts pertaining to your mind, body and Spirit. Awareness is key, reflection, contemplation this will help you to go within a key factor about your inner being.

There are take action items for you to use and transformation 
charts to track your changes from the old you to the new you. Each chapter contains a color abstract image and inspirational quote. Bonus includes two pages of perforated color cards to hand out as gifts or keep them for yourself and display these works of art.  (The artist is Steven W. Miller international known for his amazing work and my brother).

You too are amazing. Going from corporate life to living a holistic Spirituality filled life, Cindy now lives her life appreciating every moment of it. 



 God speaks to everyone. 

  • Do not miss out on what

    He is saying to you.





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