We found each other,  I am so glad that we did.  My life felt like it was an illusion it appeared as if I had it all but I was miserable. I really wasn't a happy camper here. My Dad and I were estranged, he died suddenly, my marriage fell apart, I was falling apart. It was as if my life had exploded, so many thoughts went through my mind. I didn't know myself or have a clue where to head. I cried out to God, what happened? God showed up. I heard from God. God spoke to me. He will speak to you. I began to dialogue with Him daily. God gave me answers to my questions and insight to apply to my life. 


My healing journey began, as I uncovered who I was. I worked on me which I call

doing my inner work. It is indeed and inside job.


Life has a way expanding us and we have choices along the way.We can remain stuck or choose to move forward with confidence and freedom.

As a published author of "Is That All There Is...The Journey Within"  I share what I have learned on my journey, the conversations I had and the answers God gave me, questions for you to ask yourself complete with take action items and tools as you learn to develop your intuitive self.


The benefits from my life experiences and healing have been many. I got to truly know myself and finally be happy. You can buy your very own copy of this journal workbook so you too can walk each day feeling at peace, loved and content.                                                                             


   Buy "Is that all there is? The Journey Within" an inner workbook journal a more than one time read. This book covers every area of your life.  It was given to me by God so I call it a co creative design.  If you feel you have lost who you are or would like to uncover more about yourself, your life purpose as you increase your intuitive insight this book will help you.

Bonus: Two pages  containing 12 color cards that are perforated with inspiring messages that you can keep or pass on. The art for the cards is by Steve Miller, Cindy’s brother who is an international artist.

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    God speaks to everyone. Do not miss out on what He is saying to you.









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