Client Comments

Here is what clients have to say:

Client Comments:


Hi Cindy,
It was nice talking to you on Sunday at the fair.
It made me feel better afterwards. You were accurate in
your reading. I felt like I am not from here due to going
back in time. You thought that I spoke like I was not from
the US. Perhaps spirits were speaking to you about me. ~~Susan



Dear Cindy,
"What a great life-changing class that was. Thank you so much. I also
like that way of viewing the song by the googoo dolls. Talking opened more
ideas about how to live my life. So I can start being myself, now. Not, when
this is done, or I finish that. Your suggestions for the people were amazing,
animal reader, catering owner, and senior joy helper.

Thank you so much. You are wise, interesting, perceptive. I loved it.
And I loved and needed the serenity outlook at the end. Calm."
~~Kate C.



"Thank you for taking some time to see me yesterday. As usual, it was
extremely powerful. God has given you such an amazing gift."



“Thanks so much for giving Julie such a good reading! She needs to hear from her angels
and it helps when she hears it from someone as good as you! Will call you soon for
my reading too!”


“I have gained great insight.”



"I don't know if you remember me but I met you at Albertson Memorial
Church last Sunday. I spoke with you after services about "moving". The
words you shared with me struck home and helped me move forward to seek
solutions. Perhaps got some stuck wheels creeping forward again. May sunshine guide
your path. Thanks."
~~ Don H.



"I've been in a whirlwind the past couple weeks....I know Bette told you I was
offered a new job -- THE DAY AFTER your Journey meeting where she pulled for me the
"New Beginnings" card and you said it meant I was getting a new job. Wow!!! That
was right on target! "
~~ Kathy




Hi Cindy,

Thank you so much for the time together yesterday. I'm so happy to have so much to meditate on and put into my life. I went to your brother's website and am totally in awe of his work. It truly reaches out and touches the soul, just as the picture in your home did. Both of you have amazing gifts.

I look forward to seeing you again soon and the joyous news is my oven does still work! with joy,

Thanks for listening, and thank you for the session!





Journey group client comments:

I've been a member of Cindy's Journey group for a long time and can't recommend her work enough!   ~~ Michelle


I totally enjoyed the gathering we had last night. It was inspirational relating with other like-minded people, especially with learning how to live with collective grief on a grand scale. Looking forward to next get together on Jan. 11. ~~ Bev

THANK YOU for last night ! The grace, acceptance, love, and guidance available
last night was invaluable. I felt so calm and peaceful when I got home
last night...I look forward to being a part of this wonderful group of people.

~~ Barbara



Hi Cindy,

That was great last night. I am just coming out of 2.5 years of realizing I was not listening. My new journey will be awesome.

~~ Diana



Hi Cindy,
I had to let you know how great the group was last night and how much energy there was. It was amazing.

~~ Sharon