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"God" Cindy interviewed by Reverend Juliet Nightengale

"Major life crisis" Cindy and Cherie Scheinin

"Intuitive insight" Intuitive readings were given live on the air by Cindy with Gary the mystic on WNHU 88.7

About radio hosts:


Cindy Miller
Cindy is a God based intuitive, coach and inspirational writer who has
taught various classes to both profit, non profit organizations and at Wainwright. One of
her many passions is helping people transform their lives. She did it, you
can too!  Her faith and God's grace are what sustain her. She knows God’s love for you is enormous

and hopes you know that to.

She has been interviewed by the NewYork Times, AM NY, Metro and BBSR radio.
Cindy co produced and hosted a public TV talk show on self-discovery.
She is the founder of an interfaith nonprofit learning center for mind, body & Spirit.

Cheryl Scheinin
Cherie has brought a refreshing, “down to earth” approach to the world of
psychic phenomena. As a spiritual medium, clairvoyant, author and teacher,
she has, over the last seven years, helped hundreds with her uncanny ability
to predict future events, validate past events and communicate with deceased
loved ones, angels and spirit guides on the “Other Side”.

Her first book, "Angels Horizons Inspirational Words From Heaven," was published
in 2001. In this book Cheryl shares her communications with the Angels - messages
of love and light for everyone to experience.

Cheryl was born in Kansas and has lived on Long Island, NY since the age
of 13. Cheryl has exhibited psychic abilities from an extremely early age, and
was deemed "special" by many in her family. Cheryl’s deceased relatives were her
childhood playmates, keeping her company and helping her when she needed help.
As Cheryl grew older she grew to ignore her psychic abilities. In 1996 after
James Van Praagh psychically detected a tumor in her lung, she decided to begin
re-discovering her psychic gifts. Her gifts frightened her at first as she was no
longer a young, fearless child. She studied with a psychic teacher and learned how
to protect herself and how to use her abilities to help others. Cheryl graduated
college with a degree in Business Management. She now resides in Long Island, New York,
with her birds and her two dogs, Socrates and Athenia.

Juliet Nightengale
Juliet was a multiple NDEr, who hosted this ground-breaking program, Toward The Light,
on focusing primarily on Near-Death and similar Spiritually Transformative Experiences.
She has now returned home to Spirit